Martial Arts Potential

Hey everyone-

It’s been quite a while since I have made a post on this site, but I wanted to let everyone know about my friend’s new site.  He created a site dedicated to those who want to use martial arts for their personal development, and has ended up with an amazing site and a great resource for anyone and everyone.  Check out his site here:

Martial Arts Potential

Roadless Travelers

Good news! The Roadless Travelers website was completed and released today! Check out the new site at:

I hope that you will all continue to follow along as the adventures continue! Please visit the Roadless Travelers site to stay updated with our new adventures!

Outward Bound TOT

As some of you may have noticed, I disappeared from contact with the “outside world” for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately as they say: “No news is good news” was very true in my case. I was attending a 10-day TOT session with Outward Bound Romania, where we learned the styles and techniques that the OB folks use. There were 21 participants at the training from many different regions.

It was really great to meet other outdoor educators from all over Romania as well as Hungary. We had a bit of a motley crew with 3 Moldovans, 3 Americans, and 1 Belgian making up our part of the group. The 10 days were full of teambuilding activities, an orienteering excursion, rock climbing, high ropes, and lots of theory. Fortunately there was a lot of practical information as well as friendships made.

This was RoK and I belaying one of our fellow “classmates”. We learned a new technique for belaying climbers using the Italian Hitch method with 1st, 2nd and 3rd belayers. It is definitely a good and safe technique to use!

At the end of the training we walked away with some more knowledge, some good memories, and some great friendships. Thanks to everyone who participated and we’ll have to do it again soon!

Meaningful Message

My aunt recently sent me a card with the following message, and I thought it was worth sharing…

Today, you are a little wiser,
truer to yourself,
and more confident and comfortable
than you were the year before.

You are stronger and deeper on the inside
because of the experiences
life has given you,
and softer around the edges
because of the things
you have let go of along the way.

You are clearer about your dreams
and your purpose…

…and richer because of the laughter,
love, and friendship
you have shared.

And the gifts you have gathered
just make you all the more beautiful.

Leadership & Team Management

A few weeks ago an organization of students at the Economics University asked me to help them with a few sessions as part of a program they put together for youth entrepreneurs. The program is called Business Start and over a 2-month period the participants are learning about all different aspects of opening a business.

Two weeks ago I organized and taught the opening section on entrepreneurship, which included information about my experience in the States as well as facts about the situation here in Moldova. Always an interesting and enjoyable topic for me to teach.

Last weekend I was back in the classroom with the participants, only this time we were set to talk about leadership and team management.

RoK and I co-taught the session, giving the participants the opportunity to actively practice the theory that they have learned in school by giving them interactive activities to do. It was a great opportunity for RoK and I to teach a little bit about teamwork, and the participants all really enjoyed our “off the cuff” teaching style.

A big shout-out goes to RoK for his help in making the seminar happen as well as to AIESEC for giving us the opportunity to come be a part of their trainings!

In Short…

… I really need to write about what’s been going on recently. A short recap:

– January flew by with preparations for the final 3 months (again!) of my service

– The beginning of February brought with it a short trip with two friends from Iowa State – Julie & Jenny – as well as my 27th birthday!

– February has been busier than expected, with some great things happening including a meeting with the Ministry of Education about our HAIDUCII program as well as a full one-day entrepreneurship seminar with 50 university students

I’ll get more pictures, etc. up as I work my way through the To Do list. Until then, you can enjoy the newly posted pictures of my parents’ visit to Moldova in 2006!

Happy Holidays!

Whew, what a busy month it has been! After meeting with my parents at the beginning of the month for a 2-week tour of Croatia, Montenegro and Italy, I arrived back in Moldova just in time to take a quick trip to Romania to celebrate Christmas.

After spending a couple of weeks with my parents, and then arriving in the Carpathian mountains full of snow and holiday cheer, this year Christmas really felt like Christmas. RoK and I hiked around the mountains a bit, did some boot skiing/falling on the way down, drank spiced apple cider, and did it all while wearing Santa Claus hats. On Christmas Eve we took a hike to the sign in Brasov and were stunned at the city’s beauty after dark (pictured above). Then we enjoyed a Guinness and a cheeseburger with fries – pub style – to make for a wonderful Christmas dinner.

An update about my trip with my parents will be coming in the next few days. For now I will wish you all the best as the last couple of days of the year wind down, and may 2008 bring you all the joy and happiness you desire!